Yale Street Bridge Bricks Community Fundraiser Results

Here’s What Was Done with the Help of Our Donation

“There may have been a time when preservation was about saving an old building here or there, but those days are gone. Preservation is in the business of saving communities and the values they embody.”
– Richard Moe, National Trust for Historic Preservation


All of us here at studio 703 + RLD are proud to be a part of the Houston Heights community and feel blessed to have the opportunity to get involved in any way. We believe a part of that involves preserving our past for the improvement of our future.

Earlier this year, Rebecca Lankford Designs donated to the Friends of the Yale Street Bridge Bricks fundraiser to preserve more than 40,000 original bricks that were uncovered during the re-construction of the Yale Street Bridge.

The bridge was built in 1931 and is one of only seven bridges in Houston listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It has had an enormous economic and geographic impact on our community over the last 85 years. The bricks were found intact when the asphalt of the original bridge was removed, and they served an important role as the original building blocks of the historic bridge.

Although the fundraiser did not reach its full monetary goal, most of the bricks were purchased by a group of private developers and will be used in a public art project in the First Ward.

The funds that were donated to the community fundraiser were used to purchase several thousand bricks to be placed along a stretch of the bayou greenway trail near the Yale Street Bridge. These bricks will be accompanied by a sign detailing their history and significance to the community.

The team at Rebecca Lankford Designs is proud to have been a part of the preservation of these historic bricks and we’re happy to share this wonderful update provided by Bill Baldwin and Friends of the Yale Street Bridge Bricks.

If you haven’t already, we encourage you to join us in becoming an active member of your community too, in whatever way you can!



The RLD Team

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