Stephanie Gonzalez Opening Reception at studio 703 + RLD

“Creating for me is something I can’t ignore, it’s like an addiction” –Stephanie Gonzalez 

    Stephanie Gonzalez is a Houston artist on the rise. Born in Monterrey, Mexico, Stephanie has the power to create thought provoking works through a mix of media that keep you coming back for more. She uses compilations of watercolors, acrylics and oil paint as well as unconventional options such as coffee and wine to produce her unique abstractions. Each painting has a personal connection to Stephanie, depicting an “emotional instance or conflict that occurs in [her] mind, heart and/or soul”.

Stephanie Gonzalez - Abstract Artist Houston, TX

     In 2015, Stephanie won Escapist of the Year, an honor given to a single deserving artist around the world. The program was founded in 2009 by John Ross Palmer as a casual meeting place for Houston artists to discuss, learn and create together. As the group grew the Escapist Program was born. “Escapism (n.) The movement of artist John Ross Palmer that is devoted to forever destroying the stereotype of the struggling artist”.  Artists are chosen to be a part of the program by a juried application process involving current and past Escapist artists and Palmer’s personal collectors. Being chosen as Escapist of the year is a huge honor and only validates Stephanie’s bright future as an abstract artist.

Stephanie Gonzalez - Abstract Artist Houston, TX

     We came across Stephanie in an organic fashion. Rebecca was riding her bike around town and came across Stephanie’s studio. Feeling an instant connection to her work, Rebecca asked if we could represent her at studio 703 + RLD. She accepted and the rest is history. On September 22, 2016 we hosted an opening reception titled con-sist-en-cy, to highlight the superb work of Stephanie Gonzalez. The show, now on view, represents an array of styles from Stephanie ranging from small, subdued pieces on paper to expansive canvases showing Stephanie’s eye for detail, emotion and composition. This is an installation you don’t want to miss. We look forward to seeing you at studio 703 soon!


the RLD team


Stephanie Gonzalez - Abstract Artist Houston, TX


Stephanie Gonzalez - Abstract Artist Houston, TX

Stephanie Gonzalez - Abstract Artist Houston, TX


to learn more about John Palmer's Escapist program click here

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  • MiChele J WWilliams

    I had a hair appointment today at Vita Mutari and discovered your work there Stephanie! WOW!! I was so blown away by your style!!! Love it! Keep creating! XO

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