Seattle, Washington

 First stop in Seattle was to check in on yet another long time customer of 6 years, Alhambra. Rebecca and Clair met with owner, Serpil, to discuss their vision for the upcoming season. Moving forward Rebecca Lankford will be striving to make more one of a kind pieces depending on what store you are and what aesthetic you depict. Scroll below to see a couple fun shots of Rebecca and Clair's visit to Alhambra, and see if you can capture a feel for the boutique.

While staying in Seattle, Rebecca and Clair took refuge at Ace Hotel. Which if you have yet to stay at one, it is a must. They have hotels all over the U.S. and as soon as you step foot in one, you automatically feel way cooler than when you arrived. They take rock and roll and give it a nice twist depending which of the cities you are staying in.

It wouldn't be a trip if we didn't include the food. These girls seeked out an awesome open air market that featured a quaint little restaurant nestled in the corner, Sitka and Spruce. They offer a new american cuisine with lots of fresh veggies and farm raised meats.  

For a little sightseeing they ran into a local farmers market, The Public Market.

Clair snagged a great leather bound journal. No Boundaries is a locally based independent leather smith who binds each journal by hand, and have many assorted skins to choose from. The craftsmanship alone is inspiration enough to open journal and start creating whatever your fix may be.

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