Portland, Oregon

Rebecca and Clair recently hit the road to check in with a couple customers for the upcoming season. First stop on their list, Twist which is based out of Portland.

Twist has been a long time customer of Rebecca Lankford Designs, dating back to 2007. Owner's Paul Schneider and Lauren Eulau coming from an art background themselves ---  can relate to various artists and connect with them on a different level --- making their selections much more diverse and special to their own store.

Twist strives to create art through the stories they tell of each designer through their jewelry selections. They have an eye they stay true to, and are constantly piecing things together no one could have thought to do unless you were inside their heads.

Behind the scenes look at Twist.

Rebecca eyeing one of Twist's many great finds.

While in Portland the girls stayed at a super cute boutique hotel, The Jupiter Hotel. Where depending on what kind of traveler you are, they offer you two sides to pick from: Bar Patio or Chill Side. Well since, we do have our ever lasting love, Clair, on board with us on this trip we knew what side she would be on, Bar Patio. 

She even snuck in a quick show. They just so happen to have a venue right next door, The Doug Fir Lounge.

That wraps up Portland, here is a quick shot while on the train from Portland to Seattle. Make sure to check back with us on Friday to see what fun places the girls stopped in to visit while in Seattle.

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